Listen To Your Baby's Heartbeat With A Doppler With BabyHeart


BabyHeart is the market leader because it provides the widest variety of infant fetal doppler devices that are both FDA-approved and ARTG-registered. With the help of our cutting-edge equipment, you will be able to monitor your child's heart rate at home in between visits to the pediatrician. Bring joy to the lives of others and make memories that will last a lifetime for the expecting parents, friends, and relatives in your life. There is no sound more endearing than that of your child's heartbeat, and BabyHeart is the most reliable companion to deliver it to you at home.

help foster a deeper relationship between you and your kid. Between visits to the pediatrician, you may listen to the baby's heartbeat at home with our equipment that is simple to operate, and you can share these valuable moments with the people who are important to you.

The use of a fetal Doppler monitor has a number of advantages; what are they?

A fetal doppler that can be used at home is a gadget that gives you the ability to communicate with your unborn child while you are not at the hospital. It is a beautiful way to share cherished memories with loved ones who would not otherwise have the opportunity to hear your baby's heartbeat. It is also a terrific way to help your current children prepare for the birth of a new baby and bond with their new sibling. It is a great way to help your existing children prepare for the coming of a new baby.

This is a gadget that, in addition to your regular visits, you are free to use on an as-needed basis at home, so long as you do so under the guidance of the doctor or other medical expert of your choice.

Standard Doppler

You will be able to monitor the fetal heartbeat of your unborn child with the help of BabyHeart's Standard Fetal Doppler, which has an intuitive display screen.

250ml Fetal Doppler Gel

This ultrasonic transmission gel is non-greasy, water-soluble, and will not irritate the tissues. Additionally, it will not cause damage to the ultrasound applicator. Because of how quickly and consistently it spreads, it is an excellent coupling medium for the transmission of ultrasonic waves.

Why Do Some Doctors Advise Against the Use of Doppler Monitors in the Comfort of One's Own Home?
Although using a fetal doppler at home is a wonderful way to bond with your unborn child, parents shouldn't rely on the device as a substitute for the counsel and direction of their attending physician. According to your doctor, you shouldn't rely entirely on a fetal doppler to listen to your baby's heartbeat. Instead, you should consider other methods. Because home users do not have the same level of training and expertise as medical experts, they are more likely to obtain inaccurate readings, which might lead them to worry. They run the risk of misunderstanding the results of the test and missing anything important that suggests your child needs medical treatment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy or child, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

What Should The Typical Heart Rate Of A Fetus Be Like?

Between 120 to 160 beats per minute (BPM) is considered to be the typical fetal heart rate. It changes quite a lot based on a variety of factors such as the baby's activity level, their sleep cycles, and other activities.

Is An Ultrasound Necessary If A Fetal Doppler Can Be Used Instead?
Although the BabyHeart fetal doppler monitors are comparable to ultrasounds, they are not intended to serve as a replacement for regular ultrasounds or visits to the doctor.

Is The Application Of Ultrasound Gel Always Required?

Because it enables the doppler probe to establish greater contact with the skin, ultrasound gel is advised for use during the exam. On the other hand, any type of gel lubricant will do the trick.

Is there something wrong with my baby's heart rate?

If the heart rate of your kid is anywhere between 120 and 160 beats per minute, then this is regarded to be normal. Readings lower than 120 beats per minute could really reflect your own heart rate; in this case, you should try moving the probe. Always give your doctor a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding the rate at which your baby is beating their heart.

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